Safety Inspection in Connecticut and Neighboring States

Performing a building safety inspection in Connecticut and neighboring states, can be dangerous work. Routinely monitoring your commercial or residential space and monitoring wear and tear is an essential part of property management, but it isn’t always easy or convenient. Rather than procrastinating and allowing potential damage to worsen, it’s in your best interest to be proactive when it comes to the inspection process.

Solar Energy PanelsBy regularly inspecting your properties, you’ll be able to catch any risks for damage before they escalate into more dangerous conditions that could cost you a great deal in repairs while putting yourself or others in harm’s way. Here at Wings of a Dove LLC, we know just how difficult and hazardous it is to fully inspect a structure from the inside out. Rather than climbing onto a roof and venturing into dangerous territory, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive view of any building without risking your safety when you rely on our professional drone experts to do the dirty work for you.

Safely Explore Hard-to-Reach Areas with Convenience

The traditional methods of inspecting a building require extensive preparation and a variety of specialized equipment. After ensuring that all of the necessary plans are in order, the inspection process itself can be extremely lengthy and complicated. The dangerous elevation of multistory buildings represents only one of many potential hazards involved with inspections. Attempting to gain insight into a building’s condition may entail even riskier methods of inspection, such as entering into areas that lack proper structural reinforcement.

Get the Insight You Need without Risking Your Safety

Rather than putting your life on the line just to do your job, you have the option to conduct your inspections from a safer and more comfortable distance with the help of our drones. We offer you access to every part of your buildings for a comprehensive inspection, even those places that were previously inaccessible to the naked eye.

After flying one of our drones through and around your building, we use the high-resolution images that our cameras capture to create a detailed map or 3D model that gives you a full view of the area in question. In addition to sparing you from potential harm, our drones save you a great deal of time and money at every step of the inspection process. When you’re ready to reach new heights in your inspecting potential, get in touch with our professionals to learn more about how you can sharpen your eye for detail.

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