Real Estate Video in Connecticut and Neighboring States

Trying to sell property in today’s competitive real estate market can be difficult, so you need to have a unique advantage that sets you above the rest. Rather than simply showing prospective buyers the standard front, side, and interior angles of your buildings, you’ll be able to offer a new look at your properties with our real estate video in Connecticut and neighboring states. Arguably one of the most important technological developments in the real estate industry since the advent of the internet, drones have become a valuable asset for agents looking to enhance their marketing potential. Along with my aerial photography and videos I also take interior and exterier pictures and videos. I can edit stills into videos and piece videos together too giving the viewer a tour through the property.

Real Estate for Sale SignWings of a Dove LLC enables you to fully convey the unique charm of each property in your portfolio by providing behind-the-scenes angles and overhead views of the land and surrounding areas. That way, individuals who are considering the purchase or rental of your real estate will have a better idea of exactly what they’re signing up for without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Showcase Your Portfolio with Our Property Photography

The high-resolution images captured by our drones give you a special opportunity to enhance your selling potential. We specialize in property photography for residential and commercial clients alike, so we’ll be glad to portray your home, business, or other landscape in its best light.
Our top-of-the-line photography equipment delivers a clear view of your property from angles that showcase its most impressive features, giving you and your future clients a comprehensive look at everything you have to offer.

Create a Property Tour with Our Real Estate Video Production

Making your property listings stand out may seem like a major challenge, but it doesn’t have to be when you use our real estate video production to your advantage. With our state-of-the-art drones that feature the latest innovations in videography, you’ll be able to offer a complete video tour of your properties to clients who view your properties online.

While many clients are only interested in the interior appearance of the properties which they intend to buy or rent, others prefer to know that the exterior house design is in good condition, as well. Because standard photography can only reveal so much, getting a proper view of your properties’ roofs can be difficult and dangerous. With our drones on your side, you’ll have what it takes to show your clients the entirety of your properties and the areas that surround them.

Contact us for more information on our real estate video options. We serve clients in Connecticut and Neighboring States.